School Shootings and Santa Claus: Ho, Ho, Holy Crap!

school shootings

I'm angry. Furious really. Livid. No matter the choice of words used, the feeling isn't accurately conveyed. 20 dead kids and six adults in a public school? Disgusting.

Another deranged lunatic goes postal and follows up with suicide. What a coward! He should have done us all a favor and blown his own brains out first and saved a lot of people a lot of grief. My heart is broken for his family and the families of the victims.

As a parent, to imagine receiving news that my five year old little boy was mercilessly slaughtered in front of his classmates...ugh. No parent should ever have to endure such agony.

I'm so angry it's difficult to think straight. I want to do something but feel powerless and helpless. Why would something like this happen? Oh yeah, that's right! Satan has dominion over the earth. He is the prince of a world full of evil and darkness. And our politically-correct, overly-sensitive society tries to extinguish the remnant of light left every chance it gets.

We push God out of schools and indoctrinate our kids with a sleigh-full of Santa Claus. Then we have the nerve to ask, "Why?" when a mad mad guns down innocent children. Time and time again, we have made it clear to God that we're doing just fine without Him. We break His laws and deny His existence, all the while convinced that being a "good person" is enough. Well guess what? It's not.

No one is good but God. And unless we're clothed in Christ, all God sees is our sin and rebellion. That sin will be judged and punished eternally. The time is now. If you don't know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, I beg of you will all my earnestness, admit your sins to Him and ask for forgiveness. Receive Him into your heart. Get a Bible (and read it), join a Bible-teaching church, and tell others about Him.
America, stop telling your kids to believe in Santa. You're lying to them! At best, they'll develop the idea that being good enough equals gifts and blessings.

Only God knows how much longer the window of salvation will stay open. Take advantage of the free gift of eternal life God has made available to us through Christ. Not because we're good. Not because we deserve it. But because God loves us. And for all you folks out there who laugh at the notion of God, atheism is cute but guess what? There is a God and you're not it.

America, stop telling your kids to believe in Santa. You're lying to them! At best, they'll develop the idea that being good enough equals gifts and blessings. At worst, they'll view you as a hypocritical liar that created faith in a false god and broke their hearts when you couldn't keep the lie up any longer.

When we tell our kids to believe in a man they can't see who brings presents if they're good enough, we're laying dangerous groundwork for a works-based idea of salvation (If I do good things, I'll earn my way into heaven). We're saved by grace through faith in Christ, not by tipping the scales in our favor through good deeds.

Imagine the anxiety created in children who still have strong consciences. "Have I been good enough? Did Santa see when I pushed Billy on the playground? Well, I told my mom her new haircut looked nice so hopefully that will cancel it out." Then, on Christmas Eve, we tell our kids to leave the Santa-god an offering of cookies and milk in a last ditch effort to avoid a coal-filled stocking in the event our good deeds didn't outweigh the bad. We are teaching our children to sacrifice to idols to get what they want. Stop it!

Eventually, the inevitable truth is brought to light. Then when they learn that this man we taught them to love and have faith in and behave for is not real and the whole thing was done in "good fun" and in the "spirit of Christmas," we're making it pretty easy for children to lump God into the same category as Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.

At Christmastime, guess who has an all-access pass in school? You guessed it. Santa! In my son's elementary school, Santa is everywhere. After passing the 4ft tall, singing Santa statue in the hallway, I made my way to his classroom. "Santa" is a featured word on the "December Words" list and there's even a grouping of chairs and a table named in his honor. When I asked his teacher where the "Jesus" table was, she said, "Oh, we can't say that here. Santa is okay because he's secular."

The real meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus, can't even be mentioned in public schools. From an educational, sociocultural standpoint, our nation's children should be exposed to the beliefs of others. I want my kids to know what Hanukkah is all about. I want them to know that some people celebrate Kwanzaa etc. And I want them to know that Christmas is about Jesus and that Santa Claus is a fantasy character like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck.

nstead of educating our children about the real meaning of Christmas, we indoctrinate them with lies and manipulate their behavior with presents. The next time some evil-possessed, gun-slinging maniac shoots up a school, I sure as hell hope the students and teachers aren't expecting Santa to save them.

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