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Article by Laura Conron
If you're anything like me, you worry considerably about the state in which we live. We live in a world of near absolute chaos, with an incredibly small amount of incidences of beauty and purity. It's not like any of this is a coincidence either. Sadly enough a lot of it was our own doing, human nature is a reckless selfish thing under the right entanglement of circumstance.

Feeling slightly cynical about the world today, I frankly realized it's going to hell very quickly. Naturally, more people than ever are spewing the prophetic nonsense that they usually would in times of serious political/social/economic strife. There are riots going on every day, literally world wide...and yet nothing ever really changes. How could I forget that racism, abuse, and violence in the world are at an all time high? Arguably this could be all rationalized by numbers; more people equals higher chances of things like that listed above occurring. But do we seriously lack that much humility that we couldn't just agree to disagree?

Of course not. It couldn't be that easy. Honestly, that very well could be true, but most days I prefer to have a little bit of faith in humanity. On those days, occasionally I'll ponder what it would take for humanity to take control of the place, and make it into something we might actually be proud of and rightfully so. Unfortunately most of the conclusions I end up with are along the lines of some great cataclysm or apocalypse like event (fingers still crossed for zombies). The result of that kind of thinking is why I'm here now and probably why you're here now too. You probably also know I'm going to make a point of some kind. Well guess what?

Winner winner, chicken dinner. Do you remember when you were six, and you got to experience absolute raw joy from something maybe as miniscule as a butterfly landing on your finger, or hearing the ice cream truck? Something so small and insignificant to the outside world, and yet so fulfilling to you. For me, I wasn't a child, but a stormy young teenager when I had a moment that has always given me hope for humanity. It was the smallest and yet at that moment, such a meaningful gesture from a stranger. Just a simple smile. It was at that moment I knew that no matter what, we had hope. Maybe not everyone has had a moment like that, or maybe they just haven't learned to appreciate the moment when it happened. Let me tell you now, you can feel free to think I'm delusional, it's really not my business. But let me also tell you, if the human race as a whole decided to put their best foot forward, we could do it so easily.

Every person on this earth wants their needs and wants met. That whole human nature thing really comes back to haunt us time and time again that way. I can tell you now it's a doable thing. Don't believe me? Look it up. Go explore the infinite amount of information in this world and come to your own conclusion. After you've done that, look deeper. Second guess your information and where you get it every single time you read something on the internet, or hear something on the news. Once you have opened your eyes to what is out there, I can promise you two things; you will hate humanity more. Then you will want it to change, more than likely (if you're rational, which hopefully you are) in a positive way. Always a wicked start to have and it's never too late to go digging for a deeper understanding of anything.

So it's time guys, get some motivation. Figure out how you want to make this world a little bit better and get after it. No one will change it for us; I speak this especially to my generation. We complain about the state of the world and do nothing to try and mend it. Let's for once take control, and stop this crazy train from going down in flames. People are for the most part good and understanding, especially when it comes to their own survival, and folks we are probably coming down to the wire faster than we think. We can set our differences aside to ensure our own, and the planet earth's survival. It is possible for us to take over and make the changes we perceive as necessary. If it really is a game of numbers and it's us against "the man". We win. Every time. You're ready for a change, the time is now. Do your research; make strong, informed, and morally guided choices. Make a change. It comes down to each and every one of us. Understand that we are all in this together. We'll go down together, or we'll take some damn initiative and make our world the way it should be.

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