V for Vendetta


Article by Isidora Puhalo

"Remember, remember, the fifth of November

The Gunpowder Treason and plot;

I see of no reason why Gunpowder Treason

Should ever be forgotten. "

Many people know what these words mean. Few people know what these words can mean.

Words, which means courage, patriotism, words that marks the revolution.

The whole world will be acquainted with a kind of revolution, every government has a problem with, or finance, or the insurgents. Is it the people who become greedy, or government became cynical?

That does not matter either. While opponent worldwide are smiling to each other, while behind their backs they are holding a weapon, people are cheering. For whom are they cheering? Are they cheering for themselves, for candidates, or for the rebels?

There is a group of people; in public, they are called Robin Hoods. But, come on… If you call them by that name, then why they do not have procedures like it had a famous hero? They should steal from the government to give to the people. In this case, they steal from the government, because they want to do so.

On the other hand, the government is smiling and saying that everything is under control... (oooops, the have devastated sites of Your intelligence agencies ...).
Government still smiling - everything is under control.

Right now, elections are everything people are occupied with. What will one Richard say, and what will his opponent answer. Who will smile the most, and whose wife will be better dressed. While people are occupied with these small mind games, group of people with masks are silent. What we should be concerned about is why they are silent and why it takes too long? Are the hackers modern Guy Fawkes, modern rebels?

Are they sending a message by their acts, or they are just bored with this system?
There is a movie about the rebel who wants to take revenge on system, in the way the man with the mask tried to revenge 400 years ago. After the movie, they came.

This is a group of individuals who are promoting free speech, open access to information and transparency. They are the only group of people who want people to learn with what they are surrounded; they discovered the secrets of Scientology church, supported the fight against corruption in Zimbabwe and India, provide secure platform for Iranian citizens where they can criticize their government.

They announce their actions and they are always a step ahead of the government. Faction of Anonymous has moved the issue of transparency from the political level to the corporate level.

Moreover, no one knows who they really are; they are people behind the masks.
Are they playing a modern Robin Hood and King Richard? Are they sending the message, these modern 'rebels'? If they do not deny the tittle of Robin Hood, are they telling us that the government is actually infamous King Richard? There is one old proverb: let the children play...

They are wearing a mask of someone who tried out to blow out a Parliament four centuries ago. They are wearing a mask of someone who wanted to make a change.
They wear a mask that resembles on fifth of November.

So, we are faced with fifth November ... What awaits us?

In order not to be accused of giving ideas and encouragement, I disclaim: I am just a critic, innocent bystanders, a layman.

So, if they are wearing masks representing the subject of the fifth of November, what can we, the laity, expect of this fifth of November?

"It is not an idea who I cannot forget…"

Is it V, is it the original Guy Fawkes, or is it Vendetta?

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