Cops Donít Want To Be On Camera Anymore

Cops on camera

Article by Carol Powell
I remember as a child, seeing cops on TV, and thinking look at them, people to be trusted, admired, your protectors. Then I grew up. Iím sick of seeing cops drive pass me at 110 on the highway without his lights on, when Iím going 75, and then two miles ahead one of his buddies speed traps me for going ten miles over the speed limit. If you are doing your job, turn your damn lights on. If not, slow the fuck down. Where was your honest hard working cop buddy who charged me $100 and increased my insurance premiums, when you were driving by nearly breaking the sound barrier? Oh thatís right, you guys donít police each other. Which brings me to my point, what do we do to police the police?

Well luckily there are us, the people. Everybody and their mother has a phone with a camera on it, and if they donít, they probably donít get out much anyways. It takes swift aversion, to get away with a crime and make sure no one catches you on camera these days, even cops. So what better way to get away with stuff, than to pass laws making it illegal for you to film or take pictures of any police officer?


Letís take a look at the ever crumbling European Union. People protesting, there are riots. They have a right to be pissed. They were told that they would all be financially sound by forming with the EU, and they were clearly bullshitted. Donít be fooled and think we are safe either. A North American Union, is not out of the question for us. Now isnít that scary? Well with all the protests and riots in Spain, they have come up with a new piece of legislation to help the police ďbetter do their jobsĒBanning any video or photographs being taken of on duty police officers. Wait. Iím sorry, I thought your job was to serve and protect me? What are you doing that I am not allowed to see? I know what youíre thinking. Spain isnít America. Well youíre ignorant to think that, because America isnít the only place with free people anymore. If youíre still not convinced, itís already passed in the UK, and theyíre just one big happy European Union now. In fact, they pretty much got the idea from us, so I think at this point, we should stop bragging about being free all together.

See Something Say Something. Itís the newest fear campaign stolen from none other than Hitler himself. Sports Stadiums, Public Transportation, even at the Mall, you can find See Something Say Something posters and videos, telling you to watch for suspicious activity. Some of itís legitimate. If I saw some sketchy character inconspicuously dropping a bag by a federal building, I would likely call someone about it.

However, they also consider suspicious activities to be writing in a note pad, taking photos or video, measuring anything, or even talking to police. Now living close to Boston, I spend quite a lot of time there. We have many tourists, constantly taking pictures of sights and what-not. Also with the Big Dig, there is a never ending
construction process in the city of Boston that might just lead to loss of sanity for all residents. Point being I ALWAYS see people doing these Ďsuspiciousí activities. Iíd be on the damn phone all day each time I go in town for a drink. Similar SS Propaganda was put out by the Naziís in WWII, showing images of German families and troops, and images of attacks, to convince the German population that they couldnít trust anyone, even their own neighbors, and they were encouraged, no it was their responsibility to report on ANYTHING, even if it seemed mundane, with the promise that the government would look into it further to see if it was something or nothing.

If you had the patience to watch the 10 minute video I hyperlinked above, direct from DHS, then they put a nice icing on the cake for you.
So the government just hands you the money and doesnít bother to check up on anything you do?
All your information is put into Ďfusion centersí where all branches of government work together to Ďcombat terrorismí. If you want to know the TRUTH about Fusion Centers, watch this video. From 1 minute 27 seconds to 4 minutes 35 seconds, you can see Jesse Ventura interview Lance Clem, a Homeland Security Spokesman, who doesnít hesitate to not only admit things as simple as having a third party bumper sticker on your car, or being of a certain ethnic background could land you on a terror watch list, though ďhe hopes not.Ē If thatís not the scariest part, he states that all Fusion centers are not under the control of the Federal Government. WHAT?! Governor Ventura goes on to ask, ďSo the government just hands you the money and doesnít bother to check up on anything you do?Ē and Clem responds ďFusion centers are not under the control of the federal government.Ē Want to know where that $16 Trillion dollars went? Crap like this.

Though that specific time frame on the video has the relevance to this article, I highly suggest you watch the entire episode. It got A LOT of people (Dick Cheney type people) in the government pissed off, so pissed off that they not only banned that show, but took his entire series off the air all together. If youíre wondering why the quality is bad, itís because they like to take it off YouTube too. However those devoted to exposing the truth make sure that itís up there to view. They have had a third season ready to go, since November of last year, but someone has been making sure that that doesnít happen, yet.

If thereís one thing I can tell you, itís that if the government doesnít want you to know about it, you REALLY want to know about it.

If thatís not enough to convince you, Iíll throw you another bone. Take a look at the MIAC Strategic Report that was given to all State Police in the state of Missouri just 3 years ago. You better believe when I first read that I had to make a phone call to make sure it was legitimate. Unfortunately it is. For those of you who donít want to read the report, Iíll sum it up. It targets militia and conspiracy theorists, and labels them a domestic threat to the US. Well you say, those two labels donít apply to me. Well, maybe one of the labels that could potentially make you a militia member or conspiracy theorist will apply to you. They include, but are not limited to, being Christian, labeling yourself a Sovereign Citizen, being anti-abortion, being against a federal income tax, and being against illegal immigration. Also sporting a Donít Tread on Me flag, very popular among many proud Americans, especially military, or hanging your flag upside down, a common signal for our nation in distress, is enough to get you on the list. Even watching or owning certain movies, such as Zeitgeist or America: Freedom to Fascism, will allow government to label you a potential threat now.

Maybe youíre thinking well I donít live in Missouri so it doesnít affect me. Well let me remind you of a quote by pastor Martin NiemŲller, in regards to lack of action by German individuals after the rise of the Nazi power.

First they came for the socialists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

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