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Boy scouts of America

n an article published by christianpost.com, I learned that the Boy Scouts of America visited the leaders of the Latter-day Saints, Southern Baptists, and Catholic Church regarding their level of support for a newly proposed policy on gay members of their troupes. The BSA publicly announced the possibility of a change in policy (allowing openly gay members) on January 28th. Since then, the Baptists, Mormons and Catholics have all been in contact concerning their individual stances on the decision. The Baptists remain entirely opposed, and quite vocal about it, too. The Mormons have refused to take a stand for any side until the BSA has made a decision (or, in other words, after it is too late). The Catholic church has not returned any opinion on the matter.

The BSA has been feeling pressure for a couple years now, from a large number of scouts, volunteers, leaders, parents, corporate sponsors and some of its chapters. Since learning that some groups opposed the idea of change, though, the BSA has decided to hold off on their decision making until May.

What I don't understand is why the BSA has to ask permission from three separate churches to begin with. If the BSA can't function on its own then why is it functioning at all? Since when do the Mormons, Baptists and Catholics have enough in common to brainwash a large group of young men in the same manner? And why do we allow our sons, brothers, or nephews to participate in a program that needs to inquire from three completely different and famously controversial churches how they should feel about homosexuality in their midst? What are we teaching these young men? [pic2]What kind of example are we setting for them? The BSA is teaching these boys that they should ask their churches what to think about gays, instead of finding the answer on their own. So, in essence, the BSA is teaching these boys that if they prescribe to any one of these three faiths that: 1) These are the only three faiths acceptable to the BSA (since no other churches were contacted for an opinion); 2) You are expected to ask for your opinion from your church, instead of researching the answer on your own (all three churches claim the Bible as its main doctrine and the BSA has overlooked this in their search for an adoptable opinion on homosexuality); and 3) The BSA's opinion on homosexual members may influence their treatment of homosexual men later in life (if refused entry to the BSA, the heterosexual members may feel superior, promoting hatred and bigotry in our youth).

I'm appalled and ashamed of the Boy Scouts. I was a Girl Scout as a young woman and can say now that I am embarrassed to have been so closely associated with such an idiotic organization. To the Boy Scouts of America: You are not a church, stop acting like it. Trying to please three different churches is moronic and impossible. Do your own research, define your own beliefs. Set a better example for these young men, so they can create a better future for the Boy Scouts.

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