Religion in Politics

religion in politics

The worst thing to happen to modern day Politics would have to be the overuse of Religion to sway votes. People will vote for someone solely based on their own religious backgrounds without knowing their stance on anything else. I’m Catholic, but wouldn’t vote for another Catholic if I didn’t agree with their other policies.

It’s no secret that the big issue of religious views this election is the stance on same-sex marriage. Once again, the vote is going to sway leading more toward whether you are for or against same-sex marriage. That should never be any of the reasons to vote. We all know that not everyone agrees that same-sex couples should have the right to marry, but one man should not have the right to deny anyone the right to marry. Marriage is a religious union, not a political one. What people do behind closed doors should not be the main concern of the US, but thanks to Religion in Politics it has been the biggest controversy this election. Abortion has also been one of the big issues, due to Paul Ryan not understanding how a woman can see how a person can separate their public life from their private life or their faith. When did the choices that a woman decided to make about her own body become the business of the rest of the world? If a female feels the need to have an abortion, they should have the right to do so. Legal or not, a female desperate enough is going to have one either way. If it is made illegal, there will either be a higher rate of infant homicide or deaths caused by improper abortion.

It all comes down to the Bill of Rights, in which the first amendment discusses the wall of separation between church and state. If Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; Congress should also make no law prohibiting human and civil rights based on any religious bias. Lest we not forget that some of the members who push the topic of religion are often not so holy behind closed doors themselves. How many who have deemed that same-sex marriage will diminish the sanctity have broken the religious morale regarding their own marriages? Adultery and divorce diminished the sanctity of marriage far before same-sex marriage was even an issue. So why is it that only some religious views are present on the platform? Why not all? Because not all religious points are quite as convenient as others.

Religion will be a factor in my voting choice when there is a vote to appoint a new preacher, priest, reverend, etc. in a church. However, it should never be a factor in voting for the leadership of a country as a whole. Mainly because no two religions are the same. Who’s to say that every other religious group is going to agree with the way the country will be ran? What are they supposed to do? Move if they don’t like it? It’s ironic to think that if that is the case they will have to leave a country that was founded on the basis of religious tolerance to begin with. Food for thought.

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