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Fourat Janabi

Fourat is a writer, entrepreneur, photographer, explorer, and idiot. And so, likes to think he's important. Fourat has worked in Baghdad while a war was raging, in Bahrain while riots were ensuing, and in Saudi Arabia where women don't exist. He currently lives in Italy where a simple task takes days, but grew up in Australia, where men wearing pink shirts is the new norm. Through many years of craziness, staring death in the face on four occasions, meeting hundreds of beautiful people, and exploring a myriad of new cultures and countries, he now feels arrogant and important enough to commit his overvalued thoughts to paper and tell people exactly what to think in his first book: Random Rationality: A Rational Guide to an Irrational World.


Fixing the world: A draft for solving the refugee crisis
A draft of potential solution to the current refugee problem.

A Lesson in Preschool Economics
Bernie Sanders is an economic illiterate, and if you support him, so are you. I am unfortunate enough to include myself in the entitlement generation....

Scientology in the Classroom?
European school systems have a long tradition of mandated religious education, which is becoming more difficult to implement as growing religious dive...

18 million to lose insurance once Trump in office?
In the next 10 years the report estimates that 32 million people would lose coverage.

Fourat's contributions

Oh Bill Maher, There You Go Again...
Even the high and mighty have their biases. Here is Bill Maher on the Jewish Journal thinking he's being factual on the Israel/Palestine conflict...
bill maher israel
The Communist Ideal
Both Capitalism and Communism are context-specific. In environments of scarcity, capitalism reigns supreme. In environments of abundance, capitalism may end up resembling communism.
the communist manifesto
Government and Alcohol An Unseen Relationship
Government can be compared to alcohol. This is an attempt to understand that relationship.
government and alcohol

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