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Hello, The name "Keyboard Cowboy" was given to me by a fellow poster who thought I was trying to be a hero behind my keyboard. I've been married for 15yrs. I have 2 girls, 1 boy, and 1 boy on the way. Whether it's the Kentucky Derby, the Daytona 500, or the Race for the Presidency; I love RACING. I will battle in the arena of IDEAS. I am an ECONOMIC CONSERVATIVE and LIBERTARIAN on social issues. I believe that a government doesn't create jobs but creates an environment for jobs to thrive. I believe a government cannot change people's hearts with laws, but it can show some moral leadership. For these views, I have been BANNED from the HUFFINGTONPOST.com and the now defunct CUREVENTS.com. I wear this like a BADGE OF HONOR. Throughout the week, I comment at GRETAWIRE.COM. Every Thursday, I will be bringing it strong with the FACTS, a little SARCASM, some SATIRE, and a whole lot of over-the-top HYPERBOLE.


Washington, cannabis, and the secret public high
During Obama's presidency the laws related to marijuana, or pot, weed, dope, burrito, rope, ganja, schwag, became ... let's say, softer. They removed ...

Secession: The first element to a civil war
Apparently a lot of people are pissed off about the election results, and they'll do anything in their powers to show it.

A Wager with Her Majesty
We are witnesses to mass devolution to a disillusioned and disunited people, or peoples.

Stop and Smell the Old Technology
Even if it manages to avoid the humiliation of ending up next to the Sony Betamax in a rubbish pile, the best any technology can hope for Ė no matter ...

Are We Too Connected?
Being in my late 20s, I feel like I am at least somewhat on the cutting edge of technology and social media. I use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Googl...

Keyboard's contributions

If the sole purpose of a firearm is mass murder, it should be banned from civilian ownership.
gun rights
The Fiscal Cliff Notes
My wife thinks our family budget is nearing the "Fiscal Cliff" because we canít afford her buying brand new $100 shoes once a month.
fiscal cliff
Hey Hostess, You Can Eat My Twinkie
Hostess did one better and "Ate the Union's Lunch."
hostess company
Masochism Is Not a Crime
Adults can't buy and sell sex?
selling yourself
On Election Day, 47% was the Majority
The "47%" consist of those people who think life is unfair and they want government to make it fair.
who voted for obama
Romney wins the popular vote
Ok, Romney isnít president Ė yet. But, being Halloween, I wanted to scare some liberals.
who will win
Lance Armstrong Got Run Over
Seven-time Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong, was run over this week.
lance armstrong
President Obama is a Racist
Why is Obama a racist? I donít know. But, here are some classic examples of his blatant racism.
obama is a racist

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