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Petra Klinkenberg


Tow Our Line or Get The F*ck Out!
Groupthink is not appealing to me; never has been, never will be.

Brut Born Rosé: a fresh and sparkling wine that you will always want more of
From Barcelona to the world. Born Rosé is a rosé wine brand that was born in the city of Barcelona and today is present in a large part of the world. ...

Tragedy: Good for Politicians, Bad for Those Affected
Hurricane Sandy seems to have done her numbers.

Mamie the Plow-Horse
The following is the actual script – including stage direction in parentheses and italics – of a speech written for Ernest P. Blufous VI, President an...

Cops Don’t Want To Be On Camera Anymore
Pass the laws to make it illegal for you to film or take pictures of any police officer. What?

Petra's contributions

No, you are not!
Wonderings as to why a commonly used phase around American dinner tables isn’t considered a faux pas.

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