Know where to go for legal help in Ibiza and Mallorca

Know where to go for legal help in Ibiza and Mallorca

Thousands of people flock there every summer to make the most of the gorgeous climate, fantastic food and beautiful scenery. Some even make the leap to relocate there permanently.

There is nothing better than travelling to a new country, or revisiting one you have fallen in love with. The Balearic Islands are no different. But we never plan to run into legal problems while we are in a foreign country, but the truth is that it can happen, and if it does it can be a bewildering and scary experience.

Not knowing the local rules and regulations, and being unable to speak the language can make this even worse. Which is why it is important to know where you can go for legal help, from a trusted and professional lawyer should you need it. So that should the worst happen, you know exactly who to turn to.

Being in trouble with the police is a serious matter

If you find yourself in trouble with the police, it is very important that you contact the best criminal lawyer Ibiza has to offer as soon as possible to contract their services.

Event if the police have not yet been in touch, but you think that they could at any moment. This way they can provide you with the best quality service, give quick advice and offer the representation you need in protecting your rights and interests. They will be able to make sure that the police are being held to account and follow the right procedures.

They can look to avoid an arrest and take steps to protect you from potentially oppressive bail conditions and implementation of travel restrictions.

They can also provide experts at the police station, giving you vital advice information and guidance during interview.

Your solicitor will also work alongside barristers and expert witnesses should the case go to court, and where there is conviction they will still represent you in mitigation to ensure a fair sentence.

Choose a lawyer with an impeccable reputation

When looking for a criminal lawyer Mallorca has some of the best firms. You should look for someone who can offer expert and strategic defence advice, with a lot of experience in resolving criminal cases. You want to find someone who will stand by you know matter what.

It is not just the lawyer, knowing you have an experienced professional team behind you can make the whole experience a little more bearable. They will do their best to protect your freedom, family, wealth and reputation.

It is not just for criminal circumstances, but for everyday too

There are many reasons why you might need a lawyer, not just in the dire circumstances caused by interaction with the police. Without a lawyer Mallorca can be difficult to navigate for things like commercial contracts, permits, employment law, building regulations, property transactions and managing investments.

Spanish law can be very complex, as can knowing what procedures you need to follow. It is especially challenging if you are not fluent in Spanish. Hiring a local lawyer will make all the difference, and they will be able to communicate everything to you in English.

You will also save time, money and complication by using a single provider for all your business needs, and even advice on immigration law and tax planning and accountancy.

You can get all the services you need, but far quicker than one of the top consultancy firms, because of their size and technological capabilities. A local lawyer will be certified with the tax authorities, registered with all the right organisations such as social security and will be able to send all documentation electronically and so save even more time in managing your business.

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