Sarah Huckabee Sanders is as clueless as Sean Spicer

Huckabee doesnt know how the immigration lottery works

Sarah Huckabee Sanders seems to have no idea how the immigration program actually works. But then again, neither does probably his boss Donald Trump.

So what's it about this time?

Sayfullo Saipov is accused of driving a rented pickup truck on a bike path in New York on Tuesday. Trump said that the man "came into our country through what is called the Diversity Visa Lottery Program." And that's correct. But unfortunately, this is the only thing Trump and Huckabee got right.

Trump and Huckabee know it all

Trump tweeted that "We are fighting hard for Merit Based immigration, no more Democrat Lottery Systems. We must get MUCH tougher (and smarter). "

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, when asked about this statement, as there are clear qualifications for admission as listed by the State Department, answered that "The fact that we have a lottery system that randomly decides who gets the greatest opportunity in the world - One of the best things that we have in this country is the fact that everybody wants to be here. And to give that away randomly, to have no vetting system, to have no way to determine who comes, why they're here, and if they want to contribute to society is a problem. And the president strongly supports making sure that the people that come here want to be here for the right reasons and not to bring harm to our country."

When Peter Parker from NYT said that this was incorrect and the program is far from being random, she added that "The whole idea is that they're randomly selected! This isn't - It's the lowest level of criteria that any part of our immigration system has is through the lottery system. And so, to try to argue that this is a system that thoroughly vets people shows a total lack of understanding for what this process is."

And then there's reality

In reality, nothing is like Huckabee's. Firstly, everyone can check how the vetting process works here. The lottery is just the first bit of the process. After someone is selected in the lottery, they need to submit a visa application, and then the vetting begins. From background to biometrics to everything else. The lottery program vetting process is as tough as any other application process to gain entry to the US.

Sean Spicer seemed to have done the best he could to translate Trump, and explain that what Trump said was always correct. Now Huckabee is trying to do the same thing, and is failing as miserably.

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