Top Gear fans are idiots

Jeremy Clarkson

Yes, you, and you, and you there sending death threats to the producer, Oisin Tymon, as well as the BBC director general Tony Hall and his wife. How else could one explain the threats made to those people? Especially when the producer is only guilty of taking the verbal and physical assault, and the BBC director for firing Clarkson. Keeping also in mind that it wasn't the producer who made the complaint, but Jeremy Clarkson himself told the BBC director of what he had done. And Tony Hall reacted to that. Was the firing of Clarkson necessary? Who am I to say, it's BBC's show, it's BBC's decision. If you don't like it, don't like it, who cares. It's a freakin' TV show!

Even Jeremy Clarkson said to stop all this nonsense. He's an ass and he knows it. But in comparison to the idiot fans he's an ass who actually gets he's an ass and can understand when what he has done was actually wrong.

If you're among the Top Gear fans who have sent threats and/or trash-talked about the producer, you should find help. Let me repeat again - it's just a freakin' TV show!

So an Ukrainian, German, and Englishman go to a bar. The Ukrainian has been shot three times in the head, the German has just died in Germanwings flight. The Englishman is still alive but wants to kill himself and everyone else because Jeremy Clarkson was fired.

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