Rise of the Cynical Bastards

Rational decisions

Article by Garrett Will
We're seeing a decline in rational political and social decisions, while we're also seeing an incline of political cynicism and sociopathic tendencies. What is one of the major vehicles driving this trend? The opportunist vulture-culture, a.k.a "The Media", is who. They are without a doubt mostly to blame for the trend of cynical bastards rising in prevalence.

A clear sign of this upsetting increase of political idiocy and bad decision making on the part of voters and politicians alike, is the drive to "get that guy in office out however possible." What's the usual result of this cynicism? Well, it's when you vote the next best, or when keeping the alleged number one reason people vote candidates in mind (that reason being name recognition), most known candidate who is not the current guy into office. That may not seem so bad, but it's the reason that my country, Canada, is on a steady decline in domestic economic strength and international peace-keeping reputations under the reign of Stephen Harper. It was even a major driving factor as to who people were voting for, and why people were voting in the pitiable circus that was the 2012 Presidential elections.

I can understand why people are getting cynical, but it's getting out of hand. It almost allowed a chronic flip-flopper to hover his finger over the proverbial red button to take the oval office. It motivated a bunch of deceived Ohioans working in the coal and gas industries to vote in tandem for Mitt Romney the fish out of water because they thought Obama was going to destroy their jobs. Do you know how close the USA came to going into domestic policy free-fall because of political cynicism? Frightfully close, that's how. Sure, Obama's administration hasn't managed to put the country back on a steady improvement path due to his corporatist leanings as well, but Romney would have steeped the country into trends akin to a bear market in the stock trade.

Keep "name recognition" in mind here, because the Media has a significant role in this farce of a play. The average person votes for whom they're more familiar with, especially if they're more in tune with what they stand for. There are people who are familiar with politicians because of their families, or the traditions they're born into. The media affects all of these examples no matter the degree. And the problem with the media is how they focus far too much on the two ball-throwers for the REAL owners of the U.S.; the wealthy. Though I cannot vote for a United States Presidential candidate due to my Canadian citizenship, if I did, I'd personally defy the two-party system because the two-party system is antithetical to my principles. But because the media is having their way, most people perpetuate the two-party dictatorship that is bringing the country to its knees.

That same media also lends to the rise of the cynical bastard. It pisses people off and makes them jaded; it spreads so much B.S around the airwaves and the tubes that it's making people tone-deaf; it's "empowering" idiots into thinking they're the next best political pundit; it's sullying the pertinent, truly important discussions with obnoxious controversies and contrived non-issues. Most of all, the media does not serve the nation's best interests of objective information streaming and empowerment of its viewers in the event that a government official or administration poses some sort of threat to their well-being. The democratic process, what's left of it anyway (it's being eroded all the time), is at the mercy of the voracious scavengers that are the bulk of the mainstream media.

Oh and it doesn't matter what side of the left/right bubble you come from. If you're going to spout B.S no matter what side you're on, you're full of B.S, and you should keep your mouth shut for the rest of us. Unless you're here on Superbious and you're just voicing your opinion rather than actively influencing political machinations in Washington and abroad. Then by all means, B.S your readers!

I'll stay out of it though, because I'm not a cynical bastard.

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