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Whether it is in the form of a song, a picture, a photo, a piece of literature, or a sculpture; art is the means by which our inner selves go out into the world. And that's why I appreciate it so much. I fancy myself to be more of a literary artist than otherwise. I have a knack for it, be it in my poetry, or in my short stories. I would be honored to write an HBO series as well, which I've been slowly developing. I've had a grand idea for a series of novels for quite a long time now, but it has never developed enough to start it with the confidence that a writer would need. I also produce graphical art here and there. I'm an amateur in this regard, and I am limited to using GIMP due to the fact that Photoshop is punishingly expensive. I make art only for myself. However, I want to create photo-art; not quite photographs (portraits or landscapes) nor pictures made by paint (acrylic or oil), but more along the lines of sculptures and other similar pieces recorded in picture form. In closing, a true artist merely wants attention; you don't have to like what I create; you can even dislike it for all I care. I just want you to know that I have something to share.


Paper over common sense?
Doing a better job than the losers in Donald Trump Halloween costumes doesn't seem to pay off.

Angry Burqas or (How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Drone Strikes)
I was thumbing through the app store on my phone the other day and found an interesting new game called Angry Burqas.

Anti-Vax Men: Diseases of Future Past
Remember Ebola? You know, the disease that's still ravaging Western Africa, and has been for years? Though you probably know it best for it's American...

Public Opinion
"Public calls! We've got the public on our side! Out of my way, guy with public opinion coming through!"

Welcome to Egypt
When you're thinking about Egypt and its current turmoil, consider this - the country is split into 4 somewhat balanced powers, almost equal in their ...

Garrett's contributions

The Anti-Bullying Movement: Fools and...Bullies?
It is human god damn nature to be an asshole once in a while, so trying to act like it isn't really gets us nowhere. It also doesn't help the movement that anti-bullying bullies don't manage to accomplish anything with their rather hilarious antics, given the high and mighty facade decaying when they do the very thing they say they oppose.
Glen James - A Shining Example of Human Kindness & Honesty
Glen James; what a trooper. Homeless and living in shelters for the homeless, he'd otherwise have every reason to take whatever he could to get out of his situation, if he were so desperate for such. To come across a significant amount of money in a mall, or anywhere for that matter, would probably send most others into paroxysms of ecstasy or glee, prompting them to take what they could.
Canadian Gov't Gives Special Treatment to Private Corporation, Canadians Ecstatic!
Not that this hasn't happened before in Canadian economic & political history, but I digress. Verizon, a notably powerful ISP, TV, and Phone provider in the U.S. has set its sights on Canada and the lesser ISPs/Phone providers found here. Two rumored acquittals would be Wind Mobile and Mobilicity. That is if the move actually does go through and Verizon actually bids on either and or both of those mentioned companies.
Who's Rilin' Palin? Who's Even Listenin'?
Unfortunately, back in the circus that was the '08 United States Presidential Election, we, as a collective society, had to bear with more than the desirable earful of Sarah Palin's Midwestern colloquialisms dotting every crevice of her hollow speeches. The reason for the GOP's use of this nobody, who should have been swept under the rug as an embarrassment half a decade ago, was loud and clear at the time and only the fools don't know of it.
Gays Are Not Declared Equal Under the Constitution?
Bill O'Reilly, of the cloth, of the order of defending Christmas from all who would ravage it, and of the school of thought which cherishes the Constitution of the United States of America, has a problem.
Bill O'Reilly - Moral Guardian: Humanizing Tony Soprano
Bill O'Reilly, the staunch defender of all things good and pure in the world today, is looking out for you, America! And what menace deserves his derisive, zealous eye of judgment? Well, none other than James Gandolfini, that's who!
Digging Their Own Graves
The Progressive Conservative party of Canada has, as of late, been buried up to their necks in scandals and cynical reactions from onlookers witnessing the eventual train-wreck. And you know what? I love it. If this is what it takes to encourage voting citizens to stop voting Harper in as Prime Minister, then skies the limit!
canada politics
Rage Against the Capital Punishment Machine
You seem to be either for it, or against it; capital punishment, the great equalizer of individual cases against crimes of passion, has roused some of the most polarizing opinions on any subject. All of it is for good reason, too, because it's no laughing matter.
Dumb Ingredients for a Dumber Consumer
Chemicals! Additives! Preservatives! Names I can't pronounce! Soy! Peanuts! Nutritionists sound so smart & confident! Exclamation Points! Get on with it!
what is in our food
Bill "Sore Loser" O'Reilly 5: This Guy is a Liar
William O'Reilly, 63, is a man of the cloth (for the most part) and a man of few rational quips on cable television. Year by year, he vigorously campaigns on behalf of the church against secular ideals eroding the traditions he defends. And although Bill knows where his allegiance lies, he doesn't want you, the viewer, to know what it is.
bill o reilly on gay rights
Does Monsanto Now Have a Vice Grip on the U.S.?
Good job, President Barrack Obama, you allowed the former attorney for Monsanto, Michael Taylor, to become commissioner of the FDA. Transparency be damned!
michael taylor fda
Political Correctness, in Film Reviews!
On Thursday, March 21st, Karoli wrote what is titled, "Netflix CEO's Education Reform Views Sneak into House of Cards."
house of cards
Steven Crowder - Moral Guardian: Men Shouldn't Hit Women!
Roll out the red carpet - Steven Crowder is on the scene!
steven crowder
Bill "Sore Loser" O'Reilly 4: This is Bull--BLANK!
On Tuesday, March 5th, 2013, O'Reilly got into a spat for the books with frequent guest Alan Colmes.
alan colmes
That Copyright Thing
Ever since the demise of Aaron Schwartz, faux moral guardians everywhere went on tirades around the internet about how copyright is so bad. Is it really?
is copyright bad
Canada: For Sale; Dictatorships Save Big!
Welcome, shoppers! As you may well know by the title of this post, the country of Canada is up for grabs!
canada for sale
Hard Times in the Maritimes
These are hard times, indeed, and no one should have to be put through this.
canada maritimes
Bill "Sore Loser" O'Reilly 3: NBC is Protecting Obama
That's the contention which Bill would like you, his faithful viewer, to believe.
bill o reilly obama
Yeah, Well, Erhm...TAXES!
And freeloaders! And food stamps!
social commentary
Tow Our Line or Get The F*ck Out!
Groupthink is not appealing to me; never has been, never will be.
Kevin O'Leary: One Trick Pony
There are assholes, and then there are those who wish to be assholes. Kevin O'Leary is an obnoxious combination of both.
kevin occupy
Let's Ban This, That, and Those Too
Probably the best story ever told. It should be banned.
what should be banned
Rise of the Cynical Bastards
The Media is without a doubt mostly to blame for the trend of cynical bastards rising in prevalence.
political idiocy
Golf Sucks. It Really, Really Sucks
This is coming from a former hobbyist golfer, so take heed of my words.
golf is boring
Happy "Gimme!" Days, One and All
What about the rampant greed and lunacy that breaks out like an annual case of bad ACNE in time for the holidays?
christmas problem
News Corp. Secretly Romances Monopoly
Does anyone here know what the blazes News Corp. is supposed to be?
rupert murdoch
Fox's "The War on Christmas" Meme 2012
This meme goes against every positive thing about the holidays, rendering Fox News as a bunch of asshole hypocrites.
attack on christmas
Dr. Keith Ablow, Accidental Psychiatrist, Plays Armchair Psychiatrist Instead
...on Fox News, which makes this man hilarious and appear pretty empty-headed.
keith ablow psych
The "Canada Economic Action Plan" is a Sham
God damn it, my fellow Canadians, god freaking damn it.
canada economic action plan
Contracts in Music, and What's Wrong with Them
I'm baffled as to why contracts should even be present in music at all.
bill ward
Bill "Sore Loser" O'Reilly 2: Traditional America is Gone
Old, decidedly senile, blatantly racist, and as is typical with most of the Fox crew, takes liberty with his positions whenever deemed necessary.
bill o reilly
Stephen Harper is the Antithesis to Canadian Values
In 2011 Harper's government was given the green light to perpetuate their assault on environmental, fiscal, and social integrity for Canada.
harper government
Tragedy: Good for Politicians, Bad for Those Affected
Hurricane Sandy seems to have done her numbers.
hurricane sandy
Why You Should Disregard Presidential Debates
Amidst the obnoxious buzzing of the beltway media as demanded by their corporatist overlords is an obscured third-party voice.
commission on presidential debates
Fox News out to destroy CNN's Candy Crowley
Watch out Mrs. Crowley, Fox News has set its sights on your employed status at CNN.
cnn candy crowley
Bill "Sore Loser" O'Reilly: I Won the Rumble!
Bill O'Reilly is, as expected, not owning up to how much devastation he incurred by the likes of Jon Stewart, especially when he called him 'The Mayor of Bullshit Mountain'.
the rumble 2012

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