Skewed perceptions of beauty

Beauty perception

  Beauty magazines set an example for young girls everywhere, and living in a nation very strongly influenced by that- I started wearing makeup by the time I was 12. The boys in my class always made me feel very low pointing out that I had pimples and looked like a pizza face. This type of criticism only made me want to cover up my face even more, and I actually resented my beauty. How could someone make you feel so low? Words like that really stuck to me- causing me to feel kind of ashamed. But you see, the way that beauty was portrayed in the magazines I was reading, was really not beautiful at all but, rather deadly. Often times I would sit in my room affected by the words that were shot at me every day and think about how low my life seemed. I see now how all of that impacted me.

The American culture today tells a girl that she can be anything she wants to be- but only if she dresses herself or does her makeup a certain way. It even goes as far what shoe isn't beautiful anymore because of the passing away of the season. Things like that are what make a girl want to hide under a mask and look at herself differently in the mirror. Our society has really built itself upon an image that not everyone can see. And the reason why young girls want to be that image so bad- is because they cannot really see it. If we understood everything, and knew what was really the best thing for us- would we really count on an others judgment to lead us?

I feel as if America does not know what it is talking about. People today have become so shallow because of the articles they read and the pictures they try to model their lives after. If America knew that it's advice it was lending out, people were not able to pay back- then America would be shocked. Flabbergasted. The image that it has put out there has burned itself in our children's eyes. That is why people commit suicide and children are not children anymore- because everyone wants to be happy, and no one can live up to the image that we have put out there. Rubbish. Yes, influence is important, but so is accountability and truth.

When we publish articles in our magazines, and set them on the shelves in our grocery stores, let us first think about that young child that is going to grow up influenced by the article they read. That child will start basing their decisions upon what that publisher is putting out there and saying- "This is beautiful". When really, they are beautiful. But how can that child know they are beautiful if they are reading something that makes them feel less. Isn't it up to us to help direct our children? You can’t say that though, remember? Because if you do- you must be taking away the voice of the little man.

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