An in-depth look at the mental disorder called "Politics"

American politics

An in-depth look at the mental disorder called "Politics", and the sick people ruining America.

I must warn you, this is simply a highly opinionated piece, a look at things from my point of view. Maybe you'll agree and maybe you will not, that is for you to decide.

We are ruled in this country by men and women of so called higher moral values, by individuals who work on an agenda set forth by money, power, and greed. All set in order to obtain, and maintain total control over the people of America. Those same individuals who claim to only want to protect and maintain our freedoms, while at the same time taking them away slowly, but none the less they are getting what they want. You need only look at some examples - NDAA, Patriot Act, Homeland security, to see a majority of your freedoms going down the tubes.

Often when people are confused of other's take on the Government and forms of social control, one simply needs to realize that control is only established through force. Most people are not going to voluntarily pay taxes. Most people realize that this money simply goes to fund wars and bailing out big businesses. People are often confused and unaware as to how and when this all started.
How about 1913 when the American Government realized they could be taxing the American individual instead of their buddies in big business. And that is exactly what they did, and soon after, 20 or so odd years later, we have the great depression. Seems strange, doesn't it? Because it is hard to establish a tax system simply off the backs of the citizens themselves. The Tax system was created to tax companies who wanted to do business inside the United States, plain and simple.

Easy enough, right?

Well, not exactly. You see, I call this a mental disorder because they are refusing to fix what is broken. They are refusing to actually take a step back and look at the problem as a whole. The political system is not so much a system to govern citizens, but to rule them and help support industries who share the same ideals and interests as those in power. I mean, we do have rules and laws against this, don't we? However, this does not stop companies from gaining political favors, they simply gain favors through the injection of money into the system. If you can see and understand this, then you can see this is "literally" an insane way to run a country. You can not continue to do the same thing when it fails time and time again. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the pure definition of insanity.

Again, if this isn't crazy enough for you, how about the fact that they spend millions to run for office. How is anyone from the so called middle class ever supposed to run for office when most of us do not have a way to obtain millions to run for office. Again, this is completely insane to think that we as people could run for any political office.
We support terrorism, but at the same time we don't
Just look at the last election, all the third party members were blocked from appearing at the debates. Instead they allowed two men of the same ideals and interests to debate each other. If you honestly think there is a difference between Obama, and Romney, then you are just as crazy as the people running around the White House.

There are a lot of questions we should not only be asking ourselves, but also our Government. We support terrorism, but at the same time we don't; we claim terrorists are our biggest enemy, but what is a terrorist? Who are these crazy people who hate us because of our freedoms? I see enemies of the United States, but those are simply countries and leaders we oppressed through sanctions. Again, if you want to see more crazy, look at the problems we are having right now with North Korea. Why are we not having peace talks and trying to resolve this? Our Government here in America would rather punish the people of North Korea with sanctions, a country already full of starving citizens. Why? Because politics is all about who can talk the biggest and who's dick swings the lowest, and that is just the way it is. Instead of actually helping people like our Government claims they do, time and time again they make things worse and send us to war. Instead of working with the leader of North Korea to help feed the poor innocent people, our Government punishes them. We all know the sanctions do not affect the leader of North Korea, he can import his own personal goods from outside the country. This is what we are told is justice, this is what we are told is fair and balanced, that this is honorable. No, this shit is insane, and we are borderline mentally disabled if we agree to any of this.

A truly sad and sick story, a very upsetting tale of mental disorder in our politics. If other countries revolt against such leaders, why doesn't the drugged up American public revolt? Because of fear. The Government has sickened the country with fear, arresting those who oppose the U.S. Government, bombing so called terrorists who later turn out to be a house full of children in Afghanistan. Surely some of you young minds out there are considering a career in psychology, even you can see the completely insane policies of this Government that never have and never will work. We can't even fix our own country, but they seem to think they can fix every other country by forcing their policies, often through regime changes and clashes of extreme violence.

Again, feel free to argue and debate the topic, feel free to insult me for my beliefs, I simply want a common-sense way of governing, not a form of social control, and I do not want to impose anything on anyone. That is why our founding fathers left England, taxation without representation, oppression, over taxing, and no real freedoms. They left England only to establish another system which would eventually become insane.

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