Glen James - A Shining Example of Human Kindness & Honesty

Glen James

Article by Garrett Will
Glen James; what a trooper. Homeless and living in shelters for the homeless, he'd otherwise have every reason to take whatever he could to get out of his situation, if he were so desperate for such. To come across a significant amount of money in a mall, or anywhere for that matter, would probably send most others into paroxysms of ecstasy or glee, prompting them to take what they could.

Not he, as he's above such tricks. Instead, like a good Samaritan along the likes of the Buddha and other charitable people of history (except this time from such a vulnerable societal status), James flagged down a police officer after having found the bag and handed it over as a lost item. For his honesty he was given a special citation and thanks from the city Chief of Police. The owner of the bag of money (including $2,400 in cash & $40,000 in traveler's cheques, with a passport as well) received what they had notified the authorities of.

One Ethan Whittington, who took notice of James' effort, sought to reward him with a crowd funding project to support him, given that he's a homeless man. He's even received offers for housing. The 54 year old James, modest as he is, said that he would never "have kept even a penny" of the monetary goods in the bag.

He's given his heartfelt thanks to Whittington for the crowd-funding charity drive purposed around supporting James financially, but Whittington thanked him moreso for James' display of raw altruism. Whittington told him how James inspired him, and reignited an ounce of faith in humanity. I know I feel the same way.

This guy deserves recognition amongst the public for what he had done, because it could have easily gone the other way around. Whereas most, as I cited already, would have probably run with the cash in the bag, he chose not to. And as a homeless person, you'd have to admit it (perhaps mournfully) that many people in his situation would leap at such an opportunity. He had the gall to resist any urges, any temptation to take what wasn't his own, and the owner of the contents of the bag got everything they probably were pulling hairs over.

The amassed figure for the drive, as of this very moment in writing, stands at an astounding $135,112.00 with a current goal of a quarter million (up five times over from the opening goal of fifty-thousand). Surely more is yet to come and Glen's life will change for the better. If he has the willpower to turn away such lost funds, then surely he has the strength to use that money to better his own life. He's been homeless for eight years, apparently, and he deserves his long-awaited rise from vulnerability.

If you appreciate such a display of kindness & decency that if you watch and/or read the news often seems at times rather nil in this world, then consider giving him your thanks and your donation(s) at the page called "Boston Homeless Man Reward by Ethan Whittington."

Way to go, Glen, you've set a stunning example. If only more of us had that kind of strength & willpower.

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