Do people still go out clubbing?

Do people still go out clubbing?

Society has changed over the past twenty years, especially now that people can have access to so much entertainment just by browsing the internet. This has changed our social dynamics a lot, and what was once a night out is often changing to a ‘Netflix and chill’ night. This isn’t just because people are growing up neither; as younger generations also do it a lot instead of going out to face the night world. So are nightclubs a rare dying breed, and is this just a generational change? Let’s check it out further…

Expensive nights out
Money doesn’t grow on trees, and what used to cost a few dollars can now cost a few hundreds. Especially with the rise of the prices of drinks; one simply cannot go out and expect to have a good night with twenty dollars in their pockets like it was possible in the 80’s and 90’s. Okay this amount wouldn’t guaranty a fully blown night out but you could definitely get a few drinks for you and your friends. The idea that you could go out these days with such little amount and still find great sex tonight is now an elusive concept; you would be lucky if you get a couple of beers for this price, let along getting lucky.

The online music scene
Before the internet kicked off, you had to go out to see certain DJ’s if you wanted to hear certain specific new songs. Those songs were not released to the public, only being available as ‘white label’ records and only a rare few of those records where in circulation. This is what made some nights and artist performances so unique; it’s because you just couldn’t get this anywhere else. These days you can find any song online, whether they are new or old; and the best part is that you don’t even have to pay to listen to those songs on services like Spotify and Deezer. This doesn’t even account for illegal downloads, but you get the idea. Why go out to listen to something when you can do it from the comfort of your own house with cheaper drinks and some good food?

Festivals and concerts
Beyond nightclub fees rising to a ridiculous level, a lot of festivals which where once cheap and accessible are now sold out within an hour of the tickets being released; only to be sold back at a higher cost. The bottom line is that a lot of events which where once accessible to the general population now become and exclusive event reserved to the rich and the better-to-do people. What was once a muddy music fest is now a trendy safe space for hipsters and socialites to spend their not-so-hardly earned cash. Okay this is a bit mean but you get the idea. Clubbing is just not the same anymore, and so are concerts and festivals. It is no wonder why the people spend more time at home now; between the rising prices and the trending of things. Maybe one day we will see a return to those good times; but most likely not as prices will only rise. Clubbing is not dead, it’s just different.

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