Trump's speech hailed as brilliant

trumps good speech doesnt change a thing

Trump gave a long speech in Poland. I read the full transcript from The Australian, and then read the comments under it - one thing you should never do, but you still do it every once in a while from sick interest.

I do agree that the speech was pretty good, can't argue with that. Some people are calling it the most brilliant speech ever. Okay, that's okay, Trump himself would probably call it the same (but for him everything he does is the best ever, the greatest), but he would also claim he wrote it. His fans don't want to believe that his speechwriter might have written it either. As one person said there - "If that was mainly a pro speechwriter he would starve to death. It has all the hall marks of at least a heavily edited piece of Trump. His style is all through it and I reckon 80 percent of it is his." Well, yes, there were at least a few 'I am the greatest' moments in there. So he definitely did have an input.

But what does one good speech do? Or even 100 for the matter. Trump has shown now and again who he is. Delivering a great speech, independent of who it was written by, doesn't change him. Kim Kardashian might be able to deliver a great speech as well, does that change about who she is? Not really.

I know many people want to like him. Trump, that is, not Kardashian. One obviously true fan even tried to convince himself in the comments of the speech transcript, saying "He is definitely being taken seriously by other nations of the world."

My question is, isn't it rather dangerous to change your mind about an 8-year-old bully who sometimes manages to deliver a speech without insulting a disabled person? Or anyone else for the matter. Isn't it dangerous to change your mind about the 8-year-old bully who makes up his own facts as he sees them and claims them as true facts? Isn't it dangerous to let him off the hook for all the s*it he has said and done just because he changed a bit about his public behaviour.

Nothing has changed people. Nothing. And we're talking about a 70-year-old man who's usually acting as if he was just eight. If you think someone like this has the ability to change, think again. And even if, for some weird reason, you think he is able to change, what makes you think he wants to? And even if you think he wants to, does it change the things he has said and done? Or have you already forgotten about everything he has said or done? It's no surprise some people, maybe you among them, think that "Trump has done more in a few months than Obama managed in ten years." Of course he has, if you don't have any memories from more than 5 minutes ago. Of course he has - except for one thing - he actually hasn't pretty much done a thing except for rolling back many of the good things Obama did and you can't remember. But not to worry, most likely in a few years, you won't remember you ever had health care either. So I guess that's okay.

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