Just a dumb thought from a dumb person - Trump, Russia, and China

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And it's exactly that. A dumb thought. From a dumb person. The what if thought. Trump has announced import taxes on a number of Chinese good and will be announcing more in the near future. Or that's what he says. Now that his meeting with Putin is over, yet another meeting where he made a new friend who always tells him the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, can there be a connection between his newfound friendship and tariffs on Chinese goods?

And by no means am I saying there is any connection, but I'm just thinking out loud. After all, Trump has always called himself a businessman, the greatest businessman on Earth, and in his own mind the reality might be closer to the greatest businessman in the known and not known Universe.

Is there a chance that the tariffs set for China, among the thousands of items there are some that have specifically selected to favor Russian products instead? Just some food for thought.

And again, I'm not trying to start a new conspiracy theory here, but I'm just thinking out loud. And I may be 100% off. And I most likely am. But then again, you never know.

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