Should the government do more to discourage cigarette smoking?

Governments and cigarettes

Article by Isidora Puhalo
Considering the fact that the government spends annually from 50 to 70 billion dollars to treat more than 400,000 patients suffering because of cigarette smoke, the government should seriously think what they have to do to reduce this plague.

In US there are more than 43.5 million adults smokers, and there is no number of teens, but there is an information that every third adolescent is a smoker.

1961st the first step was made in the fight against tobacco smoke by the government that ordered that every pack of cigarettes must have a placard on which was warning how smoking is harmful. It is quite jeopardize for the tobacco industry, but as soon as people got used to the black label, the industry has started working again at full speed. This was followed by various combat actions against the tobacco industry, but this huge company has nine lives.

Like that is not enough the fact that 10% of the American population suffer from some diseases caused by cigarettes, but the government is spending abnormal sums of money for the treatment of these patients. How long will it take until the government realizes that it must introduce a partial prohibition by making dramatically increase of the price of tobacco? Just so, people will give up this evil. In addition, since it is only in some countries prohibited to smoke in public, this Law should be active everywhere. People do not want to hear about harm of cigarette, so if the government wants to law their cost, they should warn people in other way. When people see that they do not have money for cigarettes, and even if they do, they can smoke only in some parts of city, maybe only in their own home, just than they will really quit smoking.

It is known that people are more concerned about money than about health. It has been shown that smokers generally do not care about health. Therefore, we cannot expect that some stories and warnings on the harmful effects of cigarettes accomplish something. If the government really wants to reduce the number of smokers, they should have more cogent reasoning and `` struck nation by their pockets``.

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