3 Reasons You're Probably Indoctrinated


Article by Laura Conron

This really isn't a new thing, and if it is news to you, I'm sad to inform you that you've been living under a rock. Let's take a pause for the cause, just look around at the type of people spawning around us. We live in an age where people choose to identify with reality TV stars like Honey-boo-boo and Snooker, need I say more?

Let's also account for tons of other garbage on TV that we are supposed to look too for solid reliable information, Fox news really says it all. They are the punch line to every bad joke nowadays, because of their unreliability. You could argue I'm leftwing, I'll just argue that you're Helen Keller. Misinformation is more than rampant in the media, don't kid yourself. The scary part, people just smile and nod and go along with whatever they are being told. The result is a society of people who can't think for themselves. They look for others to think for them. And all it ever got them was too much id, and not enough super-ego.


Be honest, how many valuable life skills did school ACTUALLY give you? Did they teach you that the real world is a harsh cruel place where serious critical thinking and decision making is detrimental to your survival? I didn't think so. It gave us our basic reading, writing, and arithmetic, even though half of it isn't usable in life, despite what your grade ten math teacher said. Most of our knowledge in school comes from life experience, and our ability to think critically, which did I mention isn't really taught in schools?
Let's not forget the divides between teachers and students. I don't know about a lot of you, but the majority of my teachers were pricks. Pricks, who hated our youthfulness, and god willing, probably would have taken our souls. The sad part, most of us didn't even think to second guess the garbage they taught us. Growing up in the age of 9/11, a lot of the social studies curriculum was just plain brainwashing. "Identifying a Terrorist" worksheets that were so broad, 99% of our classmates could have been terrorizers. That's pretty blatant fear mongering, folks. That's when I put my foot down, partly because I was part of the 99%, and partly because I just couldn't believe students were being forced to look at themselves and each other in such a negative way. We have our education ministers to thank for that. Or at least I can thank the Alberta minister for approving that junk in my province.


It all started with this idea of being a patriot to your country. Love what your country loves, fight for what your country fights for, and never think twice about a hidden agenda. Let's keep it real here, patriotism has been lost. Now it's a matter of which candidate holds your allegiance, and how much you can agree with them regarding policy.

If you didn't believe in the Bush administration going to fight the war on terror you were thought to be "unpatriotic" by many. Politics has become a big reality show of who can tell the most believable lies, who has the most votes, and who has the biggest caucus. Size always matters, right? Well no, it's how you use it. And after they get elected and we've heard all the bullshit stories and have such expectations of all the great things they will do, they stay in term for a while and boom! You always end up with shit like Watergate, Lewinsky, and basically the entire Bush administration. And the masses react the exact same way; they smile, nod, and go with it. It's the 'go along to get along' attitude that has gotten the west in the position we are in today. All of us nearing the fiscal cliff, and squandering our natural resources. Simply because we agreed to go along with whatever our political leader had said, instead of taking action based on what our political leader had actually done.

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