One Debate, Two Candidates, and No Solutions

Obama-Romney debate

So a black guy and a Mormon walk onto a stage to convince everyone that they’re the best choice for President. The Mormon boasts of his magical underpants and the black guy, well, he makes sure we all know we’re racists if we don’t vote for him. Now this didn’t really happen at the presidential debate the other night, but it might as well have. Neither Obama nor Romney said anything of any significance except what they’ve always said. Well that’s not true; Romney changes his opinion about everything about every six weeks.

The truth is that both these men have no idea what they’re doing.
When I got done watching, all I could say was “We’re screwed.”
Neither of these two are good for this country. I mean on one hand you got Obama who said he’d end the war in Afghanistan in 2008, and then didn’t. Now it’s 2012, and this time when he says it, you better believe he means it. I mean he is the most trustworthy man in the world. It’s not like he ever hid his birth certificate from us.

Then you got the other guy: the rich bastard whose hiding money in foreign accounts and boasting of his business experience. Aside from sending his Cabinet positions overseas to 8 year old children, what’s he going to do if he’s elected? Take America’s 16 trillion dollar debt and hide it in a Chinese bank account?
The truth is that both these men have no idea what they’re doing. They simply create TV ads to slander the other and then offer extravagant promises (i.e. lies) to the public to get elected. So where are their virtues? That’s my question.
J. Ainger says that the debate was “like watching McDonalds and Burger King argue over whose fries are healthier.” Really, it doesn’t matter. They both clog my arteries. In the same way, it doesn’t matter who gets into office. They’re both going to spend, spend, spend, and destroy America. Things won’t get better, but in America, at least for now, we’re free to be the morons that the black guy and the Mormon want us to be.

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