Steven Crowder - Moral Guardian: Men Shouldn't Hit Women!

Steven Crowder vs fallon fox

Article by Garrett Will
Roll out the red carpet - Steven Crowder is on the scene! Mr. Crowder, former voice actor for a character from the PBS program Arthur, now a lowly bottom-feeder for the Fox News propaganda - I mean, information machine, has set his sights on transgendered people! He's out for blood - well, he's out for publicity, rather. And what better way to get attention than to say that Fallon Fox, a transgendered MMA fighter, is essentially "a man knocking a woman unconscious." I won't fully get into just how retarded the entirety of his piece is, because you'll see that for yourself!

Fulfilling his role as contributor on the Fox News website, Stevie - boy wrote this gem:

"Let me paint you a picture: your daughter is playing a contact sport. Say, football or hockey. She's gone from being your little girl to becoming a beautiful young woman. Opposite her on the field (or ice), is somebody who once was a man, until he decided that he didn't feel like being one anymore.

This person can now legally, physically attack your daughter.

This makes liberals rejoice. How progressive.

Enter Fallon Fox, a male-to-female transgendered person, who has now decided to make a living by beating up women. With a record of 2-0, none of Fallon's female victims have even made it past two minutes of the first round. If you were to watch these fights, it would look very much like you would expect…a man knocking a woman unconscious.

In the name of political correctness, leftists have come out championing the cause, as Fallon ragdolls female opponents into oblivion.

I can just hear the critics now... "She's a she!" "You just hate transgender people!" or of my personal favorite "your values are just archaic!"

Archaic values? Possibly. Here's one to try on for size…

Unless you were born and raised a woman, you don't go around hitting chicks." (Mixed Martial Arts fighter Fallon Fox shouldn't be allowed to beat up women"; Steven Crowder, foxnews.com, 03/20/13)

You've probably already noticed a remittent trend, subliminally planting ideas like "it's the fault of Liberalism!" and/or "Liberals love this!" If your head is not up your ass, you'll have seen it plain as day. Crowder wrote the article not because he cares about the issue (as minor as it is, after all, it's a sport that he has training in), but because he's doing his part to perpetuate the pathetic Left vs. Right paradigm.

Later on in that same article, he starts tearing into testosterone (a naturally circulating steroid in the human body) and compares that to boosting cheaters in sports. The idea is that because men have testosterone circulating their bodies, they're essentially better at performing in sports. I know, I know, it's all flat-out idiotic, but for the sake of comedy (not the kind Crowder thinks he's doing) let's continue. It (the missed opportunity that is his "steroids" point) ends up being irrelevant for a multitude of reasons, of which I don't need to mention, because it all gets buried under the transparent purpose of the opinion piece. There's really nothing else to glean of the article and by the time you get to the more useless of non-sequiturs contained within, you'll probably leave the page. So I don't need to get into his shameless display of ignorance any further.

You're not fooling anyone, Steven.

You're trying to be controversial and it is far too conspicuous to work. You don't care that a transgendered MMA fighter fights other (often naturally born I'm sure) female fighters in a sport chosen by those involved. You don't care about steroids and all of that shit you brought up towards the end of your piece. Last but not least, you don't care about the issue at hand, whatsoever. How do I know this? It's because the whole article is an obvious hit piece directed at Liberals, with Fallon Fox at the center of it and rampant non-sequiturs used as your ammo for the job. If you were a hitman, you'd fail...badly.

If only he didn't bring up Liberals at all in the body of his flat-faced "hit-piece", he'd have probably succeeded. Or perhaps I'm just being generous.

His article is an example of what you don't write when you don't know how to make a case with the issue at hand. I'm sure he will garner some pretty ridiculous hyper-reactive responses from moral guardians on the other side of the fence, but what should really stand out is that Crowder will conveniently invoke the "it's just Comedy" card when necessary. His opinion is too disingenuous to pass off as politically incorrect, either, because he doesn't give a shit at all about the topic at hand, and uses it to piss off "the other side" of the political spectrum. That's it, and that's all I'm going to say on this tripe that only Fox News would give a platform to.

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