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Election day is baring down upon us. The final exam for this years presidential race. Did you study? Did you follow the campaign trails? Are you a real deal, fraud free, ID holding registered voter? Where you in attendance at either the Republican or the Democratic convention? Did the Presidential Debate make you smarter on the tough issues? If you answered yes to any of the above, congratulations. You are already ahead of the 47 percent of Americans who don't care about this country unless they get something from the government for free. Good for you!

I have to find a fact checker. Do they advertise on Craigslist?
I have to admit. I have been the kid in the back of the class. The first half of this election I goofed off, skipped a few town hall's, and doodled when I should have been paying attention to Herman Cains sex scandal count. Looking over my notes makes me really nervous about November 6th.

I'm baffled by the jobs report numbers. Are there more people working since we elected Obama, or is the unemployment rate the highest it's ever been in the history of people who worked and then got fired? I have to find a fact checker. Do they advertise on Craigslist? Trickle down economics is another doozy. Is there a precise formula that can show what angle the trickle would have to roll down to actually reach the very bottom? I may have missed that.

Budget cuts vs Tax breaks. The debt ceiling is in the trillions, the unemployed numbers are in the millions so should you cut or break? They both sound similar enough, but that little vs. tells me otherwise. 11Billion in cuts to early childhood programs = 11 billion in tax breaks to millionaire estates. Once again, some fact checking may be in order. I'm not sure, but my notes say that this would put Big Bird on the unemployment line. Sorry Bird. Oscar will know what to do.

I also have a bigger question. One that has been nagging me over the last few months and grows more pressing as I learn more about both of our Presidential candidates. The numbers don't add up. The morals and principles don't jive. And let's not forget about the 47 percent... Obama has been knocked for the lack of pizazz and substance to his speeches and single-handedly destroying the economic stability of our great nation. Mitt has been knocked for simply using words to communicate. So my real question is; do either of these men really eve n want to be the job as the next President of the United States?

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