Stompin' on a Dream: Takeaways from the New Hampshire Primary

New Hampshire Primary

"Rubio! Rubio! The Republican Savior."
Shouts heard from the wondrous coronation by the media and bookies in Vegas just a week ago for a man who should have been the Republican front runner from the get go. The young, good-looking, non-white, non-threatening, non-Bush candidate from Florida. Rubio checks all the boxes without sporting any weird hairpiece—just a glorious comb-over.

The plain-faced son of Cuban immigrants, Rubio is the perfect stooge capable of restoring order to a lost party; someone who paid his dues in the state congress and can pander to the new and old GOP.

A Republican mouthpiece lacquered in Cuban-American decanter, he represents the new, more colorful America, but not a new, more colorful New Hampshire as the wave of momentum from his third place finish in Iowa evaporated in a flash.

It’s easy to see why too. He lacks a certain Presidential quality. Whether it’s the missed votes in the Senate, more than anyone else over the past five years as has been pointed out on the campaign trail, or his inability to diverge from the talking points, going so far as repeating the same lines one after another, Rubio lacks any real passion to pullulate across the nation—as is the case with Bush 2.5 who suffered another embarrassing bitch slap at the hands of the Donald this past week.

Bush gained his first few delegates in the NH Primary, finishing ahead of the aforementioned Rubio. The headway comes as Trump’s favorite punching bag did his best to fight back in the most recent debate, attempting to enlighten voters to Trump’s scrupulous business practices of ousting old ladies from their homes to build more room for his casino’s limousine parking lots. Donald did what Donald does best; embarrassing the establishment candidate and simultaneously revealing the sickly underbelly of the cancer-ridden Uncle Same dying a slow, painful death as he hides behind the political curtain, begging someone to pull the life support.

A stream of boos peppered Trump as he told Bush to shut up. Hitting back, Trump labeled the crowd as Bush’s personal special interest and paid donors, landing another connection with an electorate already dubious about career politicians and their funding. A celebrated return to the debate stage for someone whose decision to skip the previous Fox News debate may have cost him the delegates in Iowa, as according to the man himself.

But the bigger picture of the first two voting turnouts is clear: The obsolescence of the old guard is nearing completion. Voters are angry and they are doing everything in their power to make sure the bureaucrats in Washington know it.

The glassy, waxed stare of Ted Cruz lingers, perforating in the background. Trump’s lack of compunction is exactly the sort of thing Cruz has tried to latch onto for his own gains and in return, drawn the ire of the Republicans more so even than Trump.

So it’s on to South Carolina, a state whose last moment in the national spotlight was a discussion on the racist motivations behind a church shooting that sparked a debate on the promulgation of the Confederate Flag. It’s no surprise Trump maintains a sizable lead over Cruz at the moment.

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