Paris Climate agreement, Iran Nuclear deal, Human Rights Council, Healthcare ... Flat Earth?

why did united states leave united nations human rights council

After becoming the president of the United States of America, Trump has done everything but build his wall. He has insulted disabled people; he has separated immigrant children from their families; he has been in ugly non-presidential Twitter fights with pretty much everyone; he has been an eight-year-old two-faced twat that he actually is; he's left the Paris Climate agreement because, well, climate change is obviously not real; he has abandoned the Iran Nuclear deal; he has left the UN Human Rights Council; he has taken away affordable(ish) healthcare from a number of people; he has lied possible around at least thousand times about everything from meetings with Russians to crowd size during his inauguration; he gave tax cuts for himself and his wealthy friends. Probably his next statement will be claiming that the Flat Earth conspiracy theorists have been right all along. But at least he has made on friend one the way, Kim Jong-un.

Yesterday Trump's ambassador to the United Nations Nikki said that they will be leaving the U.N. Human Rights Council because their General Assembly resolution titled "Improving the Effectiveness of the Human Rights Council." was bashed by a number of rights and aid groups, and because of the fact that the HRC is also critical of Israel, a cosy friend of the United States.

In her letter to the aid groups which also included Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International she wrote that -
It is unfortunate that your letter sought to undermine our attempts to improve the Human Rights Council. You put yourself on the side of Russia and China, and opposite the United States, on a key human rights issue. /.../ You should know that your efforts to block negotiations and thwart reform were a contributing factor in the U.S. decision to withdraw from the council.

Human Rights Watch U.N. director Louis Charbonneau commented on her claims -
This suggestion that somehow it's the human rights groups that are undermining the U.S. attempts to improve the Human Rights Council is preposterous. The idea that we human rights groups are aligned with Russia and China - countries that we criticize all the time - is absurd.

While we haven't been able to read the U.S.-drafted General Assembly resolution (titled "Improving the Effectiveness of the Human Rights Council."), based on simple logic, if no country nor human rights or aid group wanted part of it, there must have been something very wrong with it.

And when it comes to human rights and US criticizing Russia and China, well, fairly, United States hasn't been doing too well in that area either, and nine times worse in United States of Trump.

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