How Gen. Y decides who they will vote for President (according to Gen. X.)

Generation y

It’s no lie that most of my coworkers have children older than I am, and it’s no lie that those of Generation X do not think that we are going to take this election seriously. nd here’s why..

Obviously we are all choosing our vote based on their celebrity endorsements, right?
I get all of my reliable information on Facebook through memes or statuses of people who think they’re the world’s best politician.
Of course not, but that’s how they think our minds work. Personally, I have no idea who is in support of Obama or Romney for a reason. That reason is obviously because I don’t watch the debates or the news, I get all of my reliable information on Facebook through memes or statuses of people who think they’re the world’s best politician. Is any of this sounding ridiculous to anyone reading? It sounded just as ridiculous to me as I am hearing the words come from the lips of my coworkers. Sometimes you just want to look at people and ask them if they seriously hear the words coming out of their mouths. If I vote for a “pompous asshole,” I can assure you that it is not going to be because every Tom, Dick, and Harry on TV endorsed them. I’m going to vote for that “pompous asshole” because I feel like he deserves my vote. Also, according to most of Gen. X, we’re all liberals (because being a liberal is the Gen. Y thing to do.) Now don’t get me wrong, human/civil rights do weigh in on my thoughts, but I wouldn’t call myself a liberal. Since when did caring about those kinds of things make you a leper on the political totem pole? Answer: When our generation became legal to vote. In the Woodstock days being a free-spirited liberal was the thing to do! Now that the shoe of age is on the other foot, it’s suddenly not acceptable. It cannot go without saying that I do know that not all of those who fall under the category “Generation X” think and feel this way, but a lot of them do. That’s a problem. We are the ones who are going to be the future. If they think that we’re not even sensible enough to take an election seriously, I wonder how they think the future is going to turn out.

“I’m just not going to vote.” “If so-and-so gets elected I’ll just move to Canada.” “If either of these idiots gets elected, we’re all screwed!” Guess who I’ve heard those statements from more than the other? If you said Gen. X, you are absolutely right. One. If either of “these idiots” gets elected…is there another option the rest of the world doesn’t know about? (There probably is and we just don’t watch the news or anything.) Two. If you don’t even take the livelihood of your country serious enough to vote at all, you don’t deserve the right to bitch about it, and you damn sure don’t deserve the right to live here. So before you start to criticize the ways “we” decide our vote, analyze the way you do your own.

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