A Republic of Rape

Romney on rape

The Republican Party’s platform has been unwavering. Although the same cannot be said for their presidential nominee, who flip flops around every topic and picks his views according to the crowd. Every person in the world, I believe is pro-life except for serial killers, murderers, pedophiles and rapists. But the idea that women have no right to decide whether they want to keep the child of the man who raped her is absurd.

The Republican Party believes that women truly have no rights. Their draconian ideals go back to the story of Adam and Eve where Eve is a part of Adam and not a separate human with thoughts and desires of her own. From ancient times women have been subjected to brutal treatment by men who consider themselves superior. The Republican Party being true to their motto of conservatism is holding on these ideals that have long been thrown out the door by most of the world. Rape in today’s world is a grieves crime. Romney’s support for Mr. Mourdock; a man who considers rape as not a crime that needs to be taken with the severity and attention it generates is appalling. But what baffles me the most is the enormous number of women in the Republican Party who do not take offense to their parties often ridiculously sexism.

Sure the Republican Party is exercising its right to free speech and freedom of expression. But when the fate of a whole nation lies in the hand of people who believe that rape can be justified, one has to wonder why such people have the influence they have. The political climate has become so polar that controversial comments that are utterly preposterous might generate controversy but it never really translates into a train of thought. One never seems to question whether we actually believe in such rhetoric that denigrates women to slaves. Self-reflection should be the thought of the day. Before you vote, just think about your mother, sister, wife and every woman in your life. Maybe that might persuade you to make the right choice.

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