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For many years religion has been seen as a bastion of hope for many people of faith. My experience is quite the opposite. Growing up I never really believed that there was a god, I wanted to, but I didnít. I never realized that he actually doesnít exist until I started to really question the foundations of Christianity. For years I was scared shitless because I never felt the love of God that is talked about in churches around the world. I thought I was going to Hell because thatís what the Bible told me. I sincerely wanted to make the connection with God. That connection never happened, why? If God loved me then why wouldnít he let me know? When I was a little kid I used to ask myself the same question over and over, what happened to the people who lived in remote places of the world that the word of God never reached? I was around seven or eight years old when I asked that question, and with it I began my journey to Atheism.

Why doesnít God have to exist? The answer is simple, Science. People have always wanted answers, but we havenít always been able to ask questions. Why havenít we been able to always ask questions?
How did we get here? Why are we the way we are? How was the world created? Science seems to have better answers, why? Because thereís proof.
Another simple answer, Religion. People argue that Science and Religion can co-exist. To a certain degree theyíre right, Science can only exist if people donít take their Religions as seriously as they are supposed to. But if people donít take their religions seriously then why believe in them in the first place? Science and Religion both attempt to answer some of the same questions. How did we get here? Why are we the way we are? How was the world created? Science seems to have better answers, why? Because thereís proof. Unlike Religion where you have to rely on faith. Donít get me wrong science doesnít have all the answers but itís a helluva lot closer than religion is. I donít blame people for inventing Religion because people want answers and Religion provides them. The only problem is theyíre the wrong answers.

It seems to me that the only thing keeping religion alive is that it comforts people and tells them that they have a purpose in this world. The thing is that you donít need religion to be comforted, Iím comforted by the fact that there is a zero percent chance Iím going to hell. You donít even need religion to feel like you have a purpose, you can decide what your own purpose is. People will argue that Religion brings comfort to so many people why not just leave it be? Well for all the comfort that it brings you, it brings pain and agony for many more. If any social group or club was responsible for as much pain, murder, torture, hypocrisy, bigotry, conflict, and pure evil that Religion is responsible for, it would be immediately disbanded. Yet people still insist on keeping it around. Humanity needs to wake up for the sake of future generations or be destroyed by a fantasy.

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