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Rob Andrews

Rob Andrews is an Australian teacher of History and English. He has travelled extensively and is passionate about US History and politics. An active atheist, Rob has published numerous articles on the role of religious movement in schools and the military. Rob also writes for pleasure and humour, the lighter side of his work can be found at tumblr, 'stories from Uranus'. You can contact Rob at rwandrews@y7mail.com.


Trump hits China with new tariffs, whines about possible Beijing retaliation
If there's one person as stupid as one can be, it's probably the cartoon president Trump. I'm just saying. I don't mean anything about it. I didn't ev...

Your complaint matters: but it bloody shouldn't
You may be one of 2200 people who had the time to call into a hotline recently and complain about the sketch.

In Gosh We Trust
Holy cow! My word! Jiminy Crickets! When something surprising or unbelievable happens, what's your go-to phrase of exclamation?

Are We Too Connected?
Being in my late 20s, I feel like I am at least somewhat on the cutting edge of technology and social media. I use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Googl...

A heard guided by scientists
We've hit a point in society where we believe our own immune systems couldn't possibly protect our bodies like science and the magic of the synthetic ...

Rob's contributions

Waking, driving and the magic of relief
Every morning at about 7am, my five year old daughter wakes me up with a cuddle. This is by far my favourite time of the day. I then stagger out of bed over the protestation of muscles I never knew I had but that seem determined nonetheless to remind me that today is going to suck. Meanwhile, my daughter has sprung out of the bed as if she was wearing pajamas with rockets standard. And she wakes happy. Not adult version "I'm going to be positive today" bullshit type happy either. I mean, cocaine addled purple unicorn riding junkie happy. I wake ready to punch the person foolish enough to be responsible for said waking. I don't, which is just as well.
There's Something About Midgets
There's just something very likeable about Midgets. Now, I know that 'Midgets' isn't politically correct and that they prefer to be called dwarves or 'little people' but please excuse me if I stick to the term 'Midgets'. I don't use the term in a derogatory way as I have a profound and lasting respect for Midgets, (note the use of a capital letter). It's just that I can't credit anyone as a dwarf unless they're wielding an axe somewhere in Middle Earth and 'little people' is just a mouthful, which is ironic as a Midget sporting a mouthful sized 'little person' would probably keel over.
The global Chinese puppet theater
China has been rumbling away for the past decade like an unstoppable fiscal tank, diversifying, purchasing debt, expanding their military and talking to any who will listen about their role as a world leader.
china and united states
Human rights is a Worker's Fight!
The Australian Labor movement and, I suspect, the Democratic movement in the United States, has been a victim of its successes.
alp australia
The Love Agenda
I have yet to hear or read a satisfactory reason as to why a same-sex couple does not have all the rights enjoyed by a straight couple.
gay marriage

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