The Anti-Bullying Movement: Fools and...Bullies?


Article by Garrett Will
There's an air of nobility that ebbs from the movement which seeks to decrease the incidences of bullying throughout the world (at least in places that are participating), but at the same time to its detriment, there's a rather amusing degree of hypocrisy to it as well. The nobility factor in opposing the objectively cruel act of bullying your fellow man doesn't extend far, since it eventually reaches the point of absurdity. After all, it is human god damn nature to be an asshole once in a while, so trying to act like it isn't really gets us nowhere. It also doesn't help the movement that anti-bullying bullies don't manage to accomplish anything with their rather hilarious antics, given the high and mighty facade decaying when they do the very thing they say they oppose. Is that not a coincidence?

The problem

So what is the problem, or rather, what are the problems with this movement? Like I mentioned at the outset, there is indeed an air of nobility to it; bullying is a cruel act to afflict on other people, and shit truly needs to be done about it. Yet the anti-bullying movement is missing the big picture entirely: we're always going to bully one another as long as we're around, fucking things up in the process.
What do these people expect? Is the donning of fucking ribbons stating just how much you oppose bullying really bringing about some sort of progress? Is celebrating a designated date on a calendar helping people to break free from that part of their brain that drives them to antagonize their fellow man? Are we so enlightened and above it all that if we just raise awareness to its effects, we'll simply stop? I have a response to those statements, and it includes the words "fuck", and "no."

I mean, shit, there are laws being proposed to this day and a handful that have even passed that actually punish you for being an asshole to someone else. What the hell is wrong with these people and their hyperactive political correctness?
Parents tell their kids to tattle on bullies, and the act only serves to piss off said assholes even more and perpetuates the pussy nature of the tattling child.
Surely you might as well throw the majority of the world's population into a prison somewhere, because at least once in just about all of our lifetimes, we treat one another like shit. Meanwhile, each generation of kids gets more timid and frail when facing the bullshit that life throws at them. Parents tell their kids to tattle on bullies, and the act only serves to piss off said assholes even more and perpetuates the pussy nature of the tattling child. At the same time, we've got jackasses with unwarranted self-importance travelling to schools across the land telling kids that they're special little tykes who can do anything they can put their minds to (well before they find out that they're not so special!). What that ends up causing are more assholes coming out of the woodwork and potentially dangerous, sometimes borderline sociopathic criminals walking amongst us!

People will just use other forums to vent their personal bullshit on someone else because that's what we do. [pic2]You can outlaw bullying at schools all you want, but you'll just motivate those little shits to hurt one another online. And when they can't do that online, they'll simply gossip amongst one another away from school and the internet and continue making others' lives a living hell. You can try and prevent workplace bullying but it'll always rear its butt-ugly head in some way or another regardless. It never ends this shit.

Based on a recent Workplace Trends report, 35 percent of U.S. workforce report being bullied.

We're fucking ourselves up here folks! And you anti-bullying knights aren't even aware that you're contributing to it!

Then you've got the anti-bullying crusaders who will bully anybody who they deem to be a bully in the process. [pic3]It not only shows just how hard-wired this act really is in virtually all of us, but it actually can be a source of comedy for the more sensible of onlookers (such as myself and, hopefully, you as well). You're not helping anybody by throwing a veiled fit over people engaging in their asshole side; you've got to equip people with the means of dealing with the problem when they rear their ugly heads personally. The Amanda Todd suicide, for example, saw many comments posted online that would contradict their moral crusade against bullying. I've read many Youtube comments where "anti-bullying" crusaders ended up doing the very thing they rally against. Oh, the hilarity of hypocrisy!

  I still think the worst result of this movement is petitioning for laws against this act. It always boggles my mind at the lack of rationality in these paladins fighting against this unavoidable bullshit. At the same time we've got kids running away from their problems and almost ensuring that, should they go to prison for whatever reason, they'll likely get snuffed out for snitching on their fellow inmates? I know that isn't and won't always be the case, but it can and certainly does happen regardless! Yeah, let's throw everyone in prison for ten god damn years because they bullied someone else in some way or another. Come on people, everyone does it at least once in a lifetime, so stop acting like you don't.

[pic4]This is just another thing, another movement, another checkbox in the list of ways people deny reality. There are people in denial that nature isn't actually a fight for survival by any means necessary. There are those who don't accept that when you die, you become food for worms and fledgling plants around the world. And this movement denies that we're all fucking jerks to one another once in a while. It's high time to accept our true nature and stop trying to pretend we're something perfect.

We're not that far out of the jungle of chaos and bloodshed, people. This is not enlightenment; it's cowardice and denial of the highest order.

Yeah! Well you can fuck off then!

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