What might the future of gambling look like?

What might the future of gambling look like?

Whether you think well of gambling or not, it's been with us since the beginning of mankind. Betting, different card games, over time some things have changed – you now have the chance to also play online slots, poker against opponents in another continent, while the card games, and even the basics of betting, haven't changed too much. But what about the future? We have all seen numerous sci-fi blockbusters that have either tried to create a new future reality, or tried to make assumptions on how the future world might look like.

In Back to the Future there was the Pleasure Paradise Casino, owned by Biff Tannen, the guy who got rich by traveling back in time and giving a sports almanac from 2015 to his younger self. Funny fact - Huffington Post recently published an article saying that a real-life Biff is running for president. The name? Donald Trump, of course.

In Back to the Future, of course, the casino wasn't really futuristic, the casino was still from the 80s. But future of gambling, what might that look like? As a first thought, you might think we'd have to start with separating the land-based and online casinos. But do we really?

[pic2]Before the future is in, it's rather difficult to predict what the future holds, but a good bet would be that there won't be any land based casinos anymore, and everything will switch to virtual reality gambling. You put on your virtual reality glasses, or just select the function in the chip that has been planted in your brain, and you're in a land based casino, while actually sitting in a comfy chair in your home.

Most likely the games won't change much in the next few decades, but there will definitely be lots of extra. Besides virtual worlds, and regular sports betting, did you know that already now also drone racing is a sport you can bet on?

Anything can happen in the future, but if you try to think ahead 30 years, think of Back in the Future - how much did they get right, how much did they get wrong? And if they did got something right, did they get it right only because the innovative companies borrowed the futuristic idea from the movie itself?

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