Iím Not a Page in a Binder; Iím a Pawn in a Game of Badly Played Chess

Binders full of women

The best thing about living in the future is that, within ten minutes of it being said in the debate on Tuesday night, a Tumblr site was created specifically for Governor Romneyís ďBinders full of women.Ē

Letís forget about the fact that he didnít ask for those binders, they had to be foisted upon him by MASSGAP. Letís not talk about the fact that, in spite of more than two decades worth of professional and executive level experience, Governor Romney seemingly couldnít think of a single qualified female on his own. Letís not even talk about the only thing that the Governor could think of when it came to equality in the workplace for women was making sure they made it home in time to cook dinner for their families every night. Because, you know, we canít be let out of the house if our chores arenít done.

What disturbs me most is that in the taking credit for hiring women for his administration, he bragged about having to go out and hunt them down.

Because thereís no way in hell a woman would have applied on her own, right? She had to wait to be invited. How many women did his hiring team pass over before the Governor had to step in and say ďwait, where are all the boobies?Ē And what was the actual motivation for including them?

The facts have been checked and while he did eventually hire some chicks (AFTER being pressured, not before) not one of them filled a position that he deemed important. They were all relegated to lower level, lower activity and potentially lower paid positions. The important stuff, that was all left for the dudes. Because the penis-enhanced humans are SO MUCH BETTER at handling important endeavours than those bogged down with uteri, right?

Itís gross.

Whatís grosser is that apparently, he holds the belief that we women canít do anything for ourselves. We have to wait to be invited. We have to have permission. We have to sit idly by until we are asked specifically to speak or to act. And, worse, that we like it that way.

Why isnít anybody else talking about this? We hear an awful lot about how the Governor hates women. Thatís not true. You have to find someone valuable enough to think about before you can hate them. I doubt he actually thinks much about my gender at all.

Unless bragging about doing so will score him a few political points or cover his political ass.

Which, really, isnít that almost worse?

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