Fox News out to destroy CNN's Candy Crowley

Candy crowley

Article by Garrett Will
Dear Mrs. Candy Crowley,

Watch out Mrs. Crowley, Fox News has set its sights on your employed status at CNN, owned by your parent company Turner Broadcasting System, whom Fox News loathes. You read me right; the "my way or the highway" juggernauts at Fox News have set the proverbial sights on your sorry behind!

You dared to question the very powerful, very "fish out of water" (which he was more than usual, just in time for the debates of course) Mitt Romney during the second Presidential debate, and Fox News made sure to fulfill their role of media guard dog of the Republican party by lashing out at your rare showcasing of journalism. They respected you for being so comfortable with the Republican party in the past that you actually provided favoritism for said party members. Yet you made a grave mistake in nipping, just shy of biting, the hand that feeds you!

Thursday morning, Tucker Carlson could be seen on the harbinger of positivity that is Fox & Friends limelighting you as an indicator of the "deep corruption of the American media", as he himself said. He feels this would be the case especially if you remain employed by CNN, with just a week to act! You dared to interrupt Mitt Romney 28 times during the entirety of the debate, while you held Obama's hand and only interrupted the POTUS only 9 times. My god, woman, you dropped the ball there with those spontaneous, un-planned idiosyncrasies that are bound to happen even in such corporate-sponsored, tax-funded, tightly-controlled fiascos as the Presidential debates. What, didn't you know that you are supposed to interrupt Fox News' golden boy less (bonus points if you never interrupt Romney) than their most hated wielder of the Presidential torch, Obama? To question the most plutocratic of the "lesser of two evils" is to commit blasphemy.

Tucker Carlson feels that your colleagues at CNN should feel "outraged" for flip-flopping on just one issue during the Presidential debate.
Mrs. Crowley, I've an inquiry for you; why did you change gears after you aligned yourself differently previously when speaking to David Axelrod? Tucker Carlson feels that your colleagues at CNN should feel "outraged" for flip-flopping on just one issue during the Presidential debate. That's all it takes Crowley-- one change of heart is all it takes to set Fox alight with rage! But, as inquisitive as you are, you know that the passive-aggressive, vaguely-cryptic word-smithing of The Daily Caller's bow-tie boy was a demand of your employers to take your job away, so make like a tree, lady, and make amends!

If only things went the opposite direction and you gave Romney 10% more talking time instead of the 10% more talking time that you gave President Obama. Now go-- go play the rehabilitation "journalist" for the Republican party that you really are and take it up a notch. Go back to perpetuating the corporatist messenger that Fox demands you to be. Fox News is watching you (Roger Ailes will likely continue muting his viewings of what his channel airs so of course, he won't hear the oral droppings for himself), so you've been warned.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

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