Tragedy: Good for Politicians, Bad for Those Affected

Hurricane Sandy

Article by Garrett Will
Hurricane Sandy seems to have done her numbers so far. It has flooded parts of Manhattan, killed forty-one or more people in the Caribbean, left a construction crane hanging by metal threads, provided exceptional waves for radical dudes on surfboards, and generated electric generator & bulk foods sales in superfluous amounts. So while the people on the ground are reeling from all the damage and trying to get their lives back to normal (or battling the conditions Sandy is still bringing), especially the poor & the basement dwellers living in the afflicted areas of the United States, people like President Barack Obama & Mitt Romney feel the need to use this to their advantage or disadvantage. Yet, who could be surprised by this? If Youtube has someone like Kevin Craft making hollow videos exploiting tragedies for money, then the most active of political players would undoubtedly take advantage of a high-yield hurricane causing immense damage.

As the President of the United States tackling uneasy ratings in the polls, he has to appear to be on top of the disaster presently plaguing the Eastern Seaboard. And that he is doing. He's promising aid, and putting his campaign on hold. Such a great guy, isn't he? He's so reassuring by saying: "America is with you." That must lift everyones' spirits, in spite of the lack of action so far.

The Romney campaign, on the other hand, suggested to attendees at the Ohio event on Tuesday, October 30th, to bring non-perishable goods for donation to the Red Cross. However, either someone was ignorant of the Red Cross's modus operandi, or someone used the idea to garner positive reactions to the campaign. While that certainly will happen with the less inquisitive onlookers of this slight misstep, the rest of us are still recovering from trying to cope with such idiocy. You see, the Red Cross only accepts cash for donations purposes, so that they can put resources where they are needed at the moment. Oops! Try again, Romney & pals.

Also, the Romney campaign went from "there will be no campaign events this Tuesday" to "we will hold campaign events on Tuesday" in the same day. If anyone in the campaign sought to set a new record for fastest flip-flop, then they accomplished that objective. But that is par the course with regards to anything Romney. In accordance to the buzzing of the media, if the Romney campaign held campaigns during the heat of Hurricane Sandy's wrath, then the Romney campaign would lose some points in the polls. Apparently, that's what is happening as of Tuesday night. Disadvantage Romney? So far, check.

Meanwhile, Obama set the motions for FEMA-operated disaster relief and other emergency aid, with a teleconference at the White House run almost entirely by the President. The most surprising development, however, would be New Jersey's Gov. Christie heaping praise upon Obama for his response to Hurricane Sandy's attack on the Eastern United States. He didn't have very appealing words to say of Romney, appearing apathetic to the happenings of the campaign. He said to the blessed folks at Faux Noi-- I mean, Fox News:

"I have no idea, nor am I the least bit concerned or interested."

He continued, "I've got a job to do here in New Jersey that's much bigger than presidential politics, and I could care less about any of that stuff." Pretty firm words from the Jersey Devil, who would otherwise take any opportunity to slag Romney, as per the direction of the GOP-happenings.

Billy Clit--I mean, Former President Bill Clinton, appeared in Colorado, while Biden showed up in Virginia, with a follow-up expected in the retirement state of Florida, where the effects of Hurricane Sandy were felt hard. They acted as Obama's minions to try to score points against the Romney campaign by appearing engaged by responding to the tragedies still yet to come. Keep on the lookout for more ammunition for cross-party banter and bashing in the near future.

Oh politics, you progenitor of apathetic opportunism.

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