Does Monsanto Now Have a Vice Grip on the U.S.?

Michael Taylor FDA

Article by Garrett Will
Good job, President Barrack Obama, you allowed the former attorney for Monsanto, Michael Taylor, to become commissioner of the FDA. Transparency be damned!

I'm nearly livid at this development, and you should be too. Conflict of interests? Who cares!? Truth & integrity in information and decision-making? Fuck that noise! Preferential treatment for political protection thanks to your rich benefactors who've made gains through your machinations? All the way, baby!

f you know anything about Monsanto (often cited as "the most evil company in the world", and given the fact that they are an agriculture/biotechnology company, it's pretty apt), then you'd probably be as outraged as I am. Your president, America, has, for whatever reason(s), appointed a former lawyer for the biggest food company in the world and few seem to care! Food and chemical additives that have been shown (by actually independent studies, by the way) to literally poison your body are going to continue going into the market with nary a lick of scrutiny.

Oh, but unfettered capitalism is GAWD, don't you know that, you stupid idiot? Freedom takes precedence over sheer principle and the general health of the populace, you totalitarian asshole!

The ever-burdening GMO market, which increasingly envelopes the food markets of the world (if you consume soy products, there's a 90% chance that you contributed to this practice), may very well trod along unfettered in the United States of America. Not that this wouldn't have happened with the Mormon guy (it likely would have come more swiftly, if you think about it), but America was doomed the moment it was clear that the two-party dictatorship would prevail in the previous election.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are a bane on society, and you'd probably be shocked at just how much of the food you consume are suspect, and even the beverages you drink, are products, regardless of the extent, of GMOs. Monsanto has been the subject of much scrutiny for decades for many reasons. There's a reason there's a revered little bunker nestled in Norway that holds what could be the last truly organic plant seeds remaining in the world. The rest are patented, heavily-enforced, Frankenstein-esque aberrations such as eliminator seeds (seeds that do not allow for sustainable regrowth for farmers), and other monstrosities. And Monsanto will give you hell if you don't honour their grips that they have on your farming efforts!

[pic2]Many farmers in India are committing suicide because of not only the cost of having to purchase Monsanto-patented seeds every time they need a new crop (at ever-increasing prices nonetheless, thanks to their nearly complete monopoly on the market), but because of erosion and poverty as well. People are killing themselves and Monsanto, geared towards making another bloody dollar, doesn't so much as twitch knowing they are partly responsible.

Remember rbGH/rbST? (read this site to remember the horror) Sure you do, it was a scourge being injected into those disgusting masses of sentient biomass known today as "cows" for the express purpose of producing unnatural amounts of milk. With the injection of the noted hormones came increased bacteria levels (causing pus to form in your fucking milk!), more antibiotics (which any doctor would tell you can be dangerous if used too much or used incorrectly), and more IGF-1. That latter monster leads to increased risk of cancer in consumers. Even Monsanto scientists and workers refuse to drink this filth, but you the consumer likely had at least one carton of this disgusting garbage!

Aspartame, roundup, saccharine, and countless other products of their cold-hearted bid for profits and market control should rile you up.

Monsanto owns something like 92% of the GMO market share, and has won numerous litigations and lawsuits filed against them, or for their interests. Former justice Clarence Thomas was a knight for the company, and with this latest (decidedly criminal) act by the Obama administration, Michael Taylor will live up to that mantle as well. The FDA and the EPA have mostly been quiet about these harmful practices to the health of consumers for a long time, with very fucking few exceptions to this rule, so if anything, expect even worse!

You wanted it, voting citizens of America, and god damn it you're getting it!

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