Voting for Idiots

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Voting is an important, some would say, essential part of an election. But what rights do those who have nothing to say have?

We all have to make choices. Whether it's Pepsi or Coke, Apple or Pear, Microsoft or Nectarine, there comes a time when everyone has to stand up and make a decision. But what if you simply don't want to decide. An election offers no room for voting for all or neither candidates, or a candidate who isn't even there. Do any inanimate objects get to run for presidency? Do unknowing animals? Is this fair? Well, is it?

So what I propose is not voting at all.

However, there is a problem. By not voting, you are expressing your dissatisfaction with the system, but you're also lumped in the lazy group of half-wits incapable of political thought. Or just unwilling to leave their sofas.

This isn't good. No-one wants to be in that group. You're a political thinker, but one who can't make rational decisions. Do you deserve being in that group?

So what I propose in an extra choice on the ballot forms. A box that when ticked means, I haven't decided, with an entry space to list whichever inanimate object or half-brained character you can choose.

It'll separate you from all groups. Democracy will be done. The cops will be called round to your house. You will get the help you need.

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